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We have one of Perth's latest and biggest product ranges from all residential products to commercial tiling, we have the right product to meet your needs.

Browse through our product ranges below and drop into our showroom to view the latest colours available. Due to our ever changing colour range our product colours are not available online.

mosaic tiles


At House of Ceramics we supply various forms of mosaic tiles whether it is for indoor or outdoor tiling purposes. Our mosaic range;
- Stone mosaic tiles
- Ceramic mosaic tiles
- Mosaic tiles for swimming pools

living area tiles

Living Area Tiles

From glazed floor tiles to the most authentic looking timber floor tiles, we have the best available ranges in Perth. A few types include;
- Glazed floor tiles
- Semi Polished and Matt Lapatto Tiles
- Polished & high gloss floor tiles
- Timber look tiles

kitchen tiles

Kitchen Tiles

Our kitchen tiling range provides the most modern and contemporary choice range with an ever growing colour choice. We provide floor, wall and splashback tiles in ceramics, stone, marble and glass.

bathroom tiles

Bathroom Tiles

House of Ceramics has an extensive range of tiling for bathrooms to give you the most exquisite look. We offer the following products for our bathroom range.
- Wall & floor tiles (Ceramic & Porcelain)
- Border tiles (Ceramic & Porcelain)
- Feature panel tiles

outdoor alfresco tiling

Outdoor Tiles/Alfresco Tiles

Our outdoor tiles and alfresco tiles are designed to withstand the Australian climate and provide a hard wearing surface to withstand all year round weather conditions. We have contemporary colour ranges to offer in various textures and finishes.

commercial tiling

Commercial Tiles

At House of Ceramics we also cater for tiling products with a large selection for various Commercial applications. We offer wall tiles, feature tiles, wet area tiles, slip resistant tiling products and various other high traffic area tiles.

Product Tips

Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain Tiles are highly valued and loved, this is because they are strong, durable and have a much lower water absorption rate than ceramic tiles.

Polished Porcelain Tiles: Polished Porcelain Tiles like porcelain tiles are very strong and durable. They can optically enlarge any room because they have a highly reflective surface. This property of quality polished porcelain tiles will also brighten any room and most probably the owner disposition.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles: Glazed Porcelain Tiles, as the name suggests, have a glazed surface and are highly regarded for their stain repellent qualities. These tiles can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Travertine Tiles: Travertine Tiles are a wonderful natural product. Travertine is formed when limestone is combined with hot springs and thousands of years. Travertine comes in either light cream colours to the darker Noce Brown colours. The most loved popular colour used in Australia have a cream base with subtle darker infusions. Many factories call this country Light. Travertine is a naturally aerated product that can be bought in either filled or unfilled tiles. While travertine can be bought in polished by far the most popular is honed. Honed is a matt finish that combines a great subtle look with a natural slip resistant finish. This product feels great under the feet. This relatively rare product looks absolutely magnificent in most homes. The effect is rustic, less formal, but warm and inviting. It looks and feels great in bathrooms and the main floor alike. Travertine is suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications.

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic Tiles have been used for centuries. Ceramic tiles are known to have the widest range of colours and sizes. They are suitable for both floors and walls alike.

Natural Stone: Natural Stone is any product cut out of the ground and will have colour variation. Some natural stone can look fantastic in tiles for the floor or wall. Many are now looking at Natural stone as a way of connecting more with nature.

Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic Tiles are made from small tiles stuck together either on a fiberglass sheet or a paper face. They can be made from Ceramics, Porcelain, Travertine, Marble, Granite, Metal or Glass, sometimes combining a number of different materials. Mosaics have become the most popular way of adding a feature or border to a bathroom.

Floor Tiles: Floor Tiles is a description given to any tile suitable for use on the floor. Floor tiles are a very important part of any home both for their practicality and effect they will have to your design. Care must be taken to make sure the floor tile selected is suitable for the area being tiled. House of Ceramics has highly trained and skilled staff ready to help you make the best selection.

Wall Tiles: Most tiles can be used for this purpose, however not all Wall Tiles can be used on the floor. Whilst the most popular is large format gloss white wall tiles.

Bathroom Tiles: Bathroom Tiles help to make the bathroom beautiful and easy to clean. Most people now tile to the ceiling. Why not choose polished porcelain in the larger size (ie 300 x 600mm) will make any bathroom look bigger and brighter.

Kitchen Tiles: Kitchen Tiles are either used for kitchen floors or kitchen wall tiles for the splash backs (the area between a kitchen bench top and the overhead cupboards. The latest style is using the same polished porcelain in nano preseal on the floor as the wall.

Outdoor Tiles: Outdoor Tiles are usually fixed over a concreted surface. Each application requires different levels of anti-slip so check this before laying. Most consumers make this selection by touch. A general rule is the more non-slip the harder it is to clean.